SIGA Heritage Slate Grey – Random Diminishing

Project Name: Random Diminishing Grey

Slate Supplied: SIGA Heritage Reproduction Reclaimed Slate Grey

Area: Isle of Mull

Roof Size: 345 sq/m

Summary: Good example of a random diminishing roof using reclaimed slate

The SIGA Heritage range of Reproduction Reclaimed Slate is hand crafted to give an authentic roofscape, offering detailed moulding, a choice of colours and a range of sizes. SIGA Heritage Reproduction Reclaimed Slate is commonly used for conservation projects and renovations of historic slate roof structures as it has the look and feel of a product that has been installed many years ago.

Our new project landed us in the picturesque Isle of Mull, which is the second largest island of the Inner Hebrides, and lies off the west coast of Scotland, a perfect scene for our historic slate roof. We met our customer at the Homebuilding and Renovating Show in Birmingham earlier in the year where he was attracted to the SIGA stand and viewed our display of the Reproduction Reclaimed Slate that had caught his eye. He explained that he had an ongoing project in the Isle of Mull and had a vivid vision of having a slate roof to finish off his new home. He was transparent with us, informing us that he had shopped around and got a few quotes, but said that he had been quoted “extortionate” amounts for supplying reclaimed slate.

With this in mind, we took the time to explain the SIGA Heritage Reproduction Reclaimed Slate range and the advantages that come with it; its durability in unpredictable weather, its beauty and to top that off, its 25 year warranty sealed the deal for our customer, who was excited about the project that lay ahead.

He followed up with an email of the set of scaled plans, from which we provided him a quotation on the slates and additional materials for the works. One of our client’s specifications was the ridge detail, which he wanted to be a zinc ridge.  SIG Roofing Huddersfield made contact with a supplier and ordered in the exact specified ridge that our client was requesting.

With the Isle of Mull being quite a far distance from the nearest depot, SIG Roofing Huddersfield knew they had to get the delivery right the first time and the amount of stock required accurate to keep within the clients set budget. With final confirmations done, delivery was booked, including, due to the location, picking up of the slates 10 days prior to the start date on site. Although there may have been a few potential issues that could have arisen due to the location, unpredictable weather and that it is a relatively new product to the market, we felt we had learned a great deal from the previous project at Stoke Berryhill and believed we had accommodated for any potential issues that may arise during the installation. SIG Roofing Huddersfield successfully delivered a full truck load including the slates and all supporting products comprising of felt, lath, eaves guard, lead and dry verge.

The work was completed in two and a half weeks, with a dedicated roofing team working weekends too. Our customer kindly provided on-site accommodation, but the team did have to drive 45 minutes to the nearest town, Tobermory to receive a phone signal to keep us all informed of their progress. The impulsive UK weather held off for majority of the time and there were no extreme weather conditions they had to face and ended up only having one day delay, which was due to heavy rain.

Our customer is incredibly satisfied with the completed work and the final result of his home. Using SIGA Heritage Reproduction Reclaimed Slate, the results were remarkable and the outcome of the works completely faultless. This was a job well done for everyone, from the logistics of ordering stock, to the installation and time management of the project from beginning to end.

If you are interested in learning more about our SIGA Heritage Reproduction Reclaimed Slate range or other SIGA products please visit our website or call our Technical team on 01480 302500.