SIGA Heritage Slate Purple – Random Diminishing

Project Name: Random Diminishing Purple

Slate Supplied: SIGA Heritage Reproduction Reclaimed Slate Purple

Area: Stoke Berryhill

Roof Size: 311 sq/m

Summary: Good example of random diminishing from smaller at the top to the larger slates at the bottom of the roof

Anyone who has admired a slate roof on a building can appreciate its beauty and character-defining qualities, much like our returning customer did when he was making his choice of roofing for his new home that was converted from an old farm barn.

Unlike many of our roofing projects, our client was not looking to fit in with the surroundings, but rather was considering something a little different to the tiles that are on a lot of the buildings in his area. Gareth Nichols, the branch manager at SIG Roofing in Stoke Berryhill and his regional manager visited the property to get a full understanding of what the client was looking for and to show him samples of what might be a perfect fit for the project. The SIGA Heritage Reproduction Reclaimed Slate range caught his eye, and we’re not surprised it did!

With its captivating beauty and strength, the SIGA Heritage range of Reproduction Reclaimed Slate is individually hand crafted to give an authentic touch, offering detailed moulding, a choice of colours and a range of sizes to choose from. Since the customers only request was that he wanted the slate to fit from ‘smaller at the top, to larger at the bottom’ we knew the random diminishing purples would be a perfect fit for his request.

SIGA Heritage Reproduction Reclaimed Slate has been designed in consultation with professional roofers, conservation officers and architects, and achieves an easy to lay slating format, which results in a coursed and diminishing stone slate roof. The glass fibre cement construction provides a light yet durable roofing material and is supported by a range of compatible products, including ridges and in-line ventilation systems, creating an extremely versatile and cost effective alternative to natural products.

The group at SIG Roofing Stoke Berryhill teamed up with our manufacturer who went and measured up the large duo pitch spar length (which is from the ridge line to the middle of the gutter) and eaves length, which enabled them to work out the square meterage and the quantity required to get the full roof covered. The roofing contractor was unfamiliar with the product, however received training and support from the manufacturer to ensure the installation went as smooth as possible.

We were eager to see how the installation process played out and if there were any hurdles along the way, we are happy to report that the entire process went on with minimal issues and the completed work speaks for itself. The slate roof exudes beauty and sophistication, while although making a statement, and is different from other local roofs, it still blends in perfectly with the countryside surroundings.

Not only is our customer able to delight in the beauty of the roof, they are also able to have complete peace of mind with the 25 year warranty we offer. The final result of the roof produced a very attractive outcome, it was an easy to lay and high quality alternative to natural slate. The homeowner was completely satisfied with the final outcome and could only commend SIGA Heritage and SIG Roofing in the way they handled this project, from the logistics team organising the correct amount of product to the actual installation, a job well done!

If you are interested in learning more about our SIGA Heritage Reproduction Reclaimed Slate or other SIGA products please visit our website or call our Technical team on 01480 302500 .