Project name: Great Hormead Community Centre
Slate supplied: SIGA 39, 500 x 250
Main contractor: Chris Rogers, Architect

This project was initiated by experienced local architect, Chris Rogers, who was seeking a high
quality, first class slate that would have a long, maintenance-free life. The community centre
was rebuilt and increased in size considerably.

Based in an attractive, rural area surrounded by picturesque, attractive countryside, it was
important to have a roof that matched. The project involved sensitive planning issues and
special design details had to be addressed.

Chris Rogers chose SIGA as he had confidence in the specification selection. Additionally, the
quality of SIGA Slate meant it would last longer than most, and would incur minimal
maintenance – this coupled with the peace of mind that came with the warranty, made SIGA a
perfect match.

Architect Chris Rogers added: “The roof itself was a very important feature of the project and
had a low pitch area requiring use of 500×300 slates at an increased lap. Saying this however,
they needed to match the 500×250 slate on the main roof. Additionally, the design required
wider slate for low pitch and standard slate at steeper pitch – this was to maximise cost
effectiveness. I’m very happy with how the building looks.”