An affordable range of good quality slate. Ideal for the refurbishment & volume developer market. These are recommended for experienced slaters, as thickness and quality can be more variable than the Specification range, so careful sorting and grading is strongly recommended for the best aesthetics. All slates are A1, T1, W1 (≤ 0,6%) to comply with NHBC requirements. Wastage, while still very reasonable, is generally a little higher than the Excellence or Specification ranges.

All Commercial Slates come with a 30 Year Warranty, terms and conditions apply.

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SIGA warranties are backed by SIG Roofing, the UK’s largest distributor of roofing materials. The performance of the slate is warranted for the stated period, subject to installation in accordance with prevailing British Standards and good roofing practice. Meets requirements of

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Commercial Range – click an image to find out more

Siga27v SIGA 27V
Siga35 SIGA 35
Siga54x SIGA 54X
Siga62 SIGA 62A
Siga62 SIGA 62C
Siga62 SIGA 62M
Siga 65V SIGA 65V
Siga81 SIGA 81


View our SIGA Commercial case studies here.

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