SIGA 62S is a superior value La Bana-region slate, offering excellent workability and outstanding durability. With a W1 (≤ 0,6%), T1, S1 rating, SIGA 62S is the ideal choice for fast coverage on new build projects, as it fully meets current NHBC requirements. Its handsome rugged, natural texture is characteristic of the La Bana Seca stone, making it an exceptionally economic alternative to native grey slates.

S O U R C E :
La Bana Region, Spain
C O L O U R :
Blue Grey
T E X T U R E :
T H I C K N E S S :
5mm (England)
7mm (Scotland)
S I Z E S A V A I L A B L E :
500 x 250 (England)
400 x 250 (Scotland)*

*Other sizes may be available to special order on request; please contact your SIGA representative to discuss your requirements.

Samples of SIGA 62S have been tested in accordance with, and comply with, the relevant sections of EN12326-1:2004.

Representative Performance
Thermal cycling T1
Exposure S02 S1
Water Absorption W1(≤0,6%)

Meets the requirements of
NHBC logo small 2 

SIGA warranties are backed by SIG Roofing, the UK’s largest distributor of roofing materials. The performance of the slate is warranted for the stated period, subject to installation in accordance with prevailing British Standards and good roofing practice.


Product Info / Brochures:

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