SIGA Man-Made Slate

If you are looking for a natural looking slate with all the benefits of fibre cement, our fibre cement slates are backed by technical expertise, making SIGA Man-Made fibre cement slates the perfect choice for you.

Sourced with environmentally friendly systems and technologies in place, only the most reliable raw materials are used in the manufacture of our fibre cement slates. SIGA Man-Made Slate ensures that our customers are able to build homes which are both aesthetically pleasing and in harmony with the environment in which they are built.

SIGA Man-Made Fibre Cement Slate is made to withstand all types of weather and requires no preliminary grading before fixing, making it a cost effective alternative to traditional natural slate.

Available in blue-black colour, Smooth Square Edge slates are easy to install, lightweight, do not require
grading and are easy to cut, making them a popular option for intricate roof designs.

Conforming to the strongest class, class B in accordance with BS EN 492:2012+A1:2016, our Smooth Square Edge slates come with a 10 year colour and 30 year structural stability guarantee.

Available at selected SIG Roofing Branches. Please contact your local branch for help and advice – click here to find your local branch.

CE Marks:

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