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SIGA Natural Slate – A Guide for Scotland

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SIGA Natural Slate for Scotland supplies a full range of roofing slates to fulfil the specific needs and requirements of the Scottish slate roofing customer. Whether you’re an Architect, Roofing Contractor, Property Developer or Merchant, we have an extensive range of natural roofing slates to meet your needs.

Scottish Roofing Slate Range Overview

Excellence Range
With a ‘Building Lifetime Warranty’, these T1, S1, W1 (≤ 0,6%) rated slates are of the highest quality from the finest quarries. Wastage rates are extremely low once cuts for eaves, hips and ridges are taken into account.

The finest SIGA Slates from the most reputable quarries, selected to provide a long-lasting, beautiful roof with minimal grading & sorting. The Excellence range also provides a readily-available alternative to long-discontinued domestic British slates, with a close match for texture and colour, without the slightest compromise on quality.

The finest Primera selections from the very best quarries, the SIGA Excellence range offers:

  • Superlative quality stone
  • Exceptional selection with very low wastage
  • Extended warranties and long life expectancy

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All our Specification Slates are T1, S1, W1 (≤ 0,6%) rated, which allows universal use on NHBC new build work and offer a competitive installed cost, due to low wastage. These carry a 75 year warranty on application. The slates are high-quality first-selection slates, covering a broad range of colours and textures to fulfil almost any specification desired. The Specification range is carefully tailored to each part of the UK, and regional favourites are stocked in depth for rapid availability and service.

SIGA Specification slates are a popular choice with homeowners, self-builders and developers, due to their consistency, quality, smooth roof finish, and market-leading warranties. All Specification slates are W1 (≤ 0,6%), T1, S1, to comply with NHBC requirements.


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Commercial Range
Ideally suited to professional installers, these are good quality slates with a 30 year warranty and can provide an economic solution to both new and refurbishment work.

SIGA commercial slates are rated to T1 classification, with a distinct price advantage over our Specification and Excellence ranges. However, additional costs required to sort, grade and install should be taken into account.

A range of affordable slates of good quality, ideal for the refurbishment & volume developer market. These are recommended for experienced slaters, as thickness and quality can be more variable than the Specification range, so careful sorting and grading is strongly recommended for the best aesthetics.

All Scottish Commercial Range slates are W1 (≤ 0,6%), T1, S1 to comply with NHBC requirements. Wastage, while still very reasonable, is generally a little higher than the Excellence or Specification ranges.

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Classic Range
SIGA Classic slates are ideal for small patching jobs or low cost refurbishment work, and they can require a great deal of sorting and grading in order to produce a good roof finish.

Despite their lower price, all SIGA Classic slates must meet the same strict testing and certification criteria as the higher grades. As they are a by-product of the production of the higher-quality slates, availability and continuity is more fluid, so they are not recommended for very large or long-term projects.

SIGA Classic Slates for Scotland are usually T1, but you should consider that wastage rates will be consistent with the quality of finish required. The additional cost of skilled labour should also be taken into account if Classic Slates are being considered.

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Alternatively, contact our Slate Business Development Manager for more slate advice or to book a Slate CPD Seminar. Find out more about our CPD Seminars.

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