Preserving Scotland’s Heritage

SIGA Natural Slate offers a true alternative to extinct Scottish Slate, preserving Scotland’s roofing heritage.

SIGA 120 is sourced from Welsh quarries and has been designed to be a close match for texture, colour and size to Ballachulish Slate, without the slightest compromise on quality. Approved for use by Historic Scotland on many listed buildings, it is available in a range of sizes to replicate diminishing courses for a beautiful, authentic roof finish.

Scottish Geologist, Dr. Joan Walsh has identified SIGA 120 as a perfect solution to maintain Scottish historic and heritage roof coverings and practices, minimising the impact of foreign imported slates in conservation areas.

The Augustine United Church has recently been re-slated with SIGA 120 restoring the roof to its former glory; creating a stunning outcome which is visually indistinguishable from original Ballachulish slate. For all the details read our Augustine United Church case study.

Read and download Dr. Walsh’s full report on the Selection of Slates for the Repair and Maintenance of Traditional Buildings here.

Ballachulish and SIGA 120

In the image above Ballachulish is on the left and SIGA 120 is on the right.