Fixings and Headlaps Tables BS 5534

BS 5534:2014 is the code of Practise for Slating and Tiling and describes not only the means of installing slates (nailing or hook fixings), but also the “headlaps” required to ensure that the roof remains watertight, even at pitches as low as 20 degrees.

The most commonly used slate size in Britain is 500x250mm. Most stock slates will be pre-holed at 75, 90 or 100mm, allowing you the versatility of different pitches – 25 degrees in moderate exposure zones and 30 degrees in severe exposure zones.

The actual difference in the location of the holes between 75 and 100mm headlap slates is only 12.5mm. We recognise that most battens used in new builds are 50mm wide and supply a range of SIGA slates with a universal headlap of 90mm. This allows the slater to install a single pre-holed slate at a variety of headlaps, simply by moving the slate at a single headlap, thus providing you with greater flexibility of choice.

We can also pre-hole any headlap to special order. While this does not normally attract a price premium, any bespoke products must be ordered in advance to ensure timely delivery of specific products.

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Quick View – Minimum Recommended Headlaps England pdf 

Quick View – Batten and Holing Gauges Scotland pdf

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