Technical Specification and Support

The SIGA brand has a market-leading track record for quality, traceability & end-to-end value. Further value is added in the technical and logistical support required for the most demanding projects, not only for the slate itself, but for all the additional components required in the roof buildup.

As the UK’s largest specialist Roofing Distributor, SIG Roofing branches and Slate Business Development Managers can advise on and supply all aspects of the roof’s design and construction. In addition, we can provide:

  • Recommendations for the ideal slate for your project
  • Honest and transparent advice based on the latest industry and housebuilding guidelines
  • Technical advice about roofing slate
  • Specialist roofing guidance such as random slates, heritage and conservation projects.
  • Take-off service from your drawings to provide a guideline Bill of Materials
  • NBS Specification service to complete your specification
  • Recommended fixings, headlaps etc for each specific roof
  • SIGA literature, including datasheets, Declarations of Conformity, and the SIGA Guide