About us

As the largest supplier of Natural Slate in the world, we have built an enviable reputation for quality and consistency. Since our inception in 2005, SIGA Slate has sought to bring simplicity to the market through the clarity, consistency and efficiency of our products and services. We have been able to build long-lasting relationships with our customers thanks to the transparency we offer through test certificates for contractors and architects.

SIGA Slate carefully manages every single step of the journey, from the quarry to the roof. This monitoring and careful selection ensures that your slate roof is not only aesthetically beautiful and strong, but that you also have consistency and traceability that’s second to none. SIGA Slate stands for quality. The way we ensure Natural Slate quality is through an in-depth knowledge of our quarries. We have built especially close partnerships with our quarries in Spain, where our onsite, full-time quality control teams are all working together to make sure your slate is the best it can be.

By choosing SIGA, you’re choosing to work with people who have immense pride in, and in-depth knowledge of Natural Slate for roofing.


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