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Project Name:

Hounds Road, Chipping Sodbury, South Gloucestershire

Slate Supplied:

Specified By:


Main Contractor:

Cain’s Building Services Ltd

Roofing Contractor:

Project Overview:

SIGA 32 slate was selected for the renovation and conversion of an old stone farmhouse and storage building into a high-end private residential property on Hounds Road, in Chipping Sodbury South Gloucestershire.

In Detail

Part of SIGA’s Excellence range, SIGA 32 is an approved alternative to the original Welsh slate traditionally used in the area. In total, around 4,200 500mm×250mm slates were laid over a 210m2 roof area by Cain’s Building Services of Kingswood, Bristol.

Available nationwide, SIGA 32 slates are a popular choice with homeowners, self-builders and developers. The SIGA Specification range of slates meets NHBC requirements and provides a selection of high-quality first selection slates, covering a broad range of colours and textures to fulfil almost any specification desired. SIGA natural slate offers the widest range of true A1T1S1 slates.

SIGA 32 is a blue-grey strong, hard slate with excellent durability and a rugged natural texture. Suitable for new build, conversion and refurbishment projects, it carries a 75-year warranty and National Parks Approval. The product is available in two different thicknesses and is suitable for use across the UK.

SIGA’s take off service was utilised to assist with quantities and to ensure accuracy. The renovation was completed on time, thanks to SIGA’s speed of delivery from the date of order, which was made possible by their excellent infrastructure and stock holding. Client, Carl Butcher also used the business to supply clay pantiles on the next phase of development.

SIGA Slate
• The widest range of true T1/S1/W1 (≤0.6%) roofing slate available
• Low wastage rates mean lower labour costs and faster completions
• All SIGA slates meet NHBC requirements
• Warranties of up to 75 years
• Excellent continuity, consistency and traceability

Project Outcomes

“The slate perfectly complements those used widely in the local area and the timber windows on the building were also supplied by SIG.”

Carl Butcher