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How do I know we have the slate we ordered/specified?

All SIGA slates are traceable from the rock face to roof – a vital quality assurance criterion. Every crate of SIGA Natural Slates is branded with the selection and number printed on the crate. The SIGA number clearly identifies the quarry and the selection of slate making each slate easily identifiable from the quarry to the roof as required in BSEN 12326

When selecting a slate you should source the DOP or Declaration Of Performance for the slate. We have DOPs available on our website to enable you to check the performance of the slate when tested to BSEN 12326. With the majority of suppliers and quarries this should be done once a year. Download the DOP for your choice of slate here.

When the slate is delivered the crate should be clearly marked by the supplier. An accompanying document of performance (a crate label) should also be checked to ensure the slate is as required. The crate label is critical to ensuring that what arrives on site matches your order of specification. The label is CE marked and so is a legal document. The label should also refer to the last date of testing. All SIGA slate crates are dated and date of testing clearly shown.

Here is an example of a crate label for SIGA 39:

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