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Where does natural slate come from?

The majority of slate supplied in Europe is Spanish – about 90%. Some slate is also quarried in Wales and small amounts in Cumbria and Cornwall, but the vast majority of slate used in the UK is Spanish. Other sources outside Europe include China and the USA.

Which slate should you choose? Slate from Wales is popular due to conservation and quality requirements; in some cases it is a requirement for conservation projects. Spanish slate is the most popular due to its quality and economy and availability in high volumes.

SIGA is constantly reviewing the market to source the best natural slates from across the world, to bring you quality and consistency for your projects. Currently we supply natural slate from Wales, Spain and the USA.

  1. A form of ‘slate’ is also available from Brazil; however this is not a metamorphic rock but a ‘mudstone’ and has different properties to natural slate from Europe. Given its special properties, Brazilian slate is best hook fixed by contractors experienced in the product.

Find out more about SIGA Natural Slate and how we achieve consistency in supply of this natural product.


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