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NFRC launches membership awareness campaign

June 25, 2015 - Published by


A new membership awareness campaign has been launched by The National Federation of Roofing Contractors, (NFRC). Entitled ‘Get Smart, Get Savvy, Get NFRC’, the campaign aims to educate the roofing community on the role of the UK’s largest roofing trade association, and to promote all the benefits that membership brings.
NFRC today represents over 70% of the roofing industry by value. Determined to widen its reach, NFRC is hopeful that this latest initiative will help recruit new members to become involved in the industry. By outlining the advantages of involvement with an active and dynamic association, NFRC aims to dispel any myths that may be stopping some companies from joining. It also aims to encourage existing members to take full advantage of vastly increased membership benefits.
Ray Horwood CBE, Chief Executive of NFRC explains: “The idea behind the campaign is simple. We want existing members to ask themselves whether they are getting the most from the body that represents their interests, and ask non-members what they don’t understand about the support that NFRC provides. Roofing is a great business and we want companies to know and understand everything that the Federation stands for, and how it can seriously help their business in a whole host of ways.
“Very often, it is down to the perception that membership is expensive, which is false economy when businesses learn how they can benefit from joining NFRC – both in terms of roofing and general business practice – and they quickly realise that it can be one of the best investments they could ever make,” adds Ray.
He continues: “Membership of NFRC goes way beyond roofing. We can help keep businesses on the right side of the law by providing access to free advice on issues such as employment, taxation, legal disputes, health and safety and other general business matters. For companies without adequate internal resources, this is a real bonus.”
Ray concludes: “We also want to ensure that our existing members, be they big or small, and irrespective of whether they operate in the domestic, commercial or industrial sectors, capitalise on all the opportunities NFRC offers. In a fast-changing industry such as roofing, it’s vital they regularly tap into our knowledge of roofing and expertise in order to stay at the top of their game. From workshops, training sessions, technical support and newsletters, to blogs and free training sessions on changes in industry standards, we guarantee that they will always be in the know on best roofing practice.”
Dating back over 120 years, NFRC actively ensures that all members offer high standards of workmanship and sound business practice through a strict code of practice and vetting procedure, including site inspections. Such is the quality of the vetting that all companies operating in the domestic sector are automatically enrolled to the Government endorsed TrustMark scheme. The Federation also offers training services, technical advice, and represents member interests to the wider construction industry and Government.


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