SIGA Heritage Reproduction Reclaimed Slate in Grey

A genuine, convincing alternative to grey reclaimed natural slates, lighter and more reliable than reclaimed slates.

Sourcing a regular supply of consistent quality reclaimed roofing slate is challenging. SIGA Heritage Reproduction Reclaimed Slate provides an alternative that couples the look and feel of a roofing slate product installed many years ago with the peace of mind of a 25-year guarantee and strict industry testing.

Hand crafted using moulds from natural slates and hand coloured, Grey SIGA Heritage Reclaimed Slate is available in any quantity and requires no sorting or grading, significantly reducing labour costs.

Region Used:


Sizes Available:

600 x 300mm

*Other sizes may be available to special order. Please contact us for details.




Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete


  • Hand crafted using moulds from original natural slates
  • 25 year guarantee – part of SIG Roofing’s ONE Warranty
  • Uniform size, no grading required
  • Sizes 600×300 (24”x12”)
  • Indented to either 75mm or 100mmm headlap
  • Under eaves and under ridge slates (no cutting)
  • Slate and a half available
  • Saves the costs of sourcing, sorting and grading
  • Confidence of consistent supply and consistent quality.