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SIGA – a shining light for natural slate – celebrating 10 years

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18th December 2014

Roofing Today – Extended article, Dec/Jan ‘15

As SIGA Slate marks its 10th anniversary, Joe Bordas – Category Manager for Pitched Roof Coverings at SIG Roofing – takes a look at why this leading brand has grown in popularity, and examines the key attributes behind its success. Joe has been with SIG Roofing Supplies for over eight years. Having grown the SIGA brand, Joe is responsible for sourcing slate to match SIGA’s exacting criteria and managing the offerings of other suppliers outside the group.

SIGA has an enviable reputation. Ten years ago, the new-born brand was fighting to make its mark and provide clarity in a slate market that was muddy, confusing, over complicated and riddled with misconceptions. Not to be deterred though, SIGA took on the mantle of a challenger brand and, like a beacon, it rose to guide the market forward by developing a very clear sense of who or what the brand is and why. SIGA has projected this identity intensely, consistently, and saliently to the point where, like a lighthouse, customers began to notice it and today, they are fully aware of what it stands for. Quality, reliability, reputation and integrity.

However, the road to success is never smooth and in order to deliver the bullet-proof customer satisfaction for which SIGA is today renowned, the brand has had to focus heavily on developing and communicating its commitment and desire to fully support the contractor and the architectural community.

By making quality slate easily available and by opening up the market and giving customers a real choice, SIGA has been successful in establishing continuity of support and confidence in its products. Through providing test certificates for contactors and architects to allow informed decisions, it began to develop long lasting relationships with customers. In addition, SIGA made it its mission to always exceed industry standards, which have seen key changes and improvements over the years.

Always looking to go the extra mile and to bring added value to its customers, SIGA has never stood still but has continued to raise the bar for natural slate. It has achieved this by establishing a slate procurement and quality control operation in the most renowned quarry region in Spain. Courtesy of local contacts and expertise, who bring vast experience in the European market, they fully understand the quarries and the stone, and ensure the continuous supply route into the UK. Also, with access to other worldwide suppliers, customers benefit from added choice, variety, breadth and depth of product.

With four clearly defined product ranges to suit any given project, skill, budget, warranty requirement and regional preference, customers who choose SIGA are backing a winner. Warranties range between 30-75 years and are fully backed by a FTSE250 organisation, offering security and peace of mind that all will be honoured, even if the quarry that supplies the slate ceases trading.

SIGA has made choosing natural slate simple and worry-free. By providing information about where the slate comes from, how to work with it, and clearly identifying different ranges through colour coding, along with notifications for contractors and architects on any changes in legislation, there is always clarity and guidance for contractors.

Plus, to simplify project work, customers can call on SIGA’s nationwide network of SIG Roofing branches and Slate Business Development Managers in the UK who can provide clear advice, as well as supply all aspects of the roof’s design and construction.

The launch of the SIGA Heritage Reproduction Stone four years ago is testament to SIGA’s ability to provide practical solution. One thing’s for certain however, quality, reliability, reputation and integrity count for everything, and based on the success of the last ten years, the SIGA brand can only go from strength to strength. By continuing to improve the range and by striving to provide continuity without compromising on quality, SIGA will continue to be the lighthouse brand that shines a bright light on the future of the natural slate market.

Slate Quarry

Pictured here; one of the slate quarries that provides the revered SIGA slate that has become a lighthouse brand for the natural slate market.




Pictured here; the slate procurement and quality control operation in the most renowned quarry region in Spain. From here, local contacts and expertise that fully understand the quarries and the stone ensure the continuous supply route into the UK.



Slate Roofing

Pictured here; today SIGA slate is renowned for its quality, reliability, reputation and integrity. It is widely specified by architects and contractors throughout the UK and is fast becoming the roofers’ choice.

This post was written by SIGA Slate Team


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