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Design a Natural Slate Roof – Start Here

Scottish slate alternative SIGA 120 (right) with reclaimed Scottish slate (left)

Replacing a Scottish Slate Roof

Low Pitch Slate Roof: Test Rig in BRE Tunnel

Ask us about our low pitch roof solutions

Natural Slate Selection – How to choose the correct slates

Natural Slate Standard Tests to BS EN 12326

CE Declarations of Performance DOP for Natural Slate

Sorting Natural Slate and Storage on Site

Traceability - Natural Slate Saves Contractor Time

How Natural Slate Saves the Contractor Time

Natural Slate Specification and Support

Natural Slate: Hook or Nail Fixing?

Rain Exposure for Natural Slate Roofs: The Annual Driving Rain Index

Headlap Tables for Natural Slate BS 5534

Batten and Holing Gauges for Natural Slate

Natural Slate Coverage – How many Slates per m(2)

Natural Slate Good Practice for Ridges, Valleys, Eaves and Verges

Slating Good Practice On Site for Installers

How to avoid a Rusting Slate Roof

How to Avoid a Rusting Slate Roof

Cubic Pyrite - Markings on Roofing Slate

Markings on Roofing Slates

Natural Stone Roof Alternative to Cotswold, Collyweston and Swithland Stone Roofing

Natural Stone Roof Alternatives

Scottish Slating Regulations