Download the Declaration of Performance certificates [DOP] for SIGA Natural Slate here.

Under the European Construction Products directive, any organisation that produces, imports or sells natural slate must ensure that CE Marking and certification are sought and displayed.

BS EN 12326-1:2014 is the harmonised EU standard governing natural slate and stone for discontinuous roofing and cladding. All slates, irrespective of their origin, should be tested to the criteria laid down in the standard, and thus have a set of test results and carry the CE Mark.

Local Authority Building Control enforces these regulations, so you’ll need to check the slate carries the CE Mark, and your supplier provides a Declaration of Performance.

Purchasers and installers of natural roofing slate can check whether the slates they have purchased, or are using, have been tested to BS EN 12326 by looking for the CE Marking on any labels within the packaging and/or any documentation accompanying the slates, such as delivery notes or invoices.

Please note that CE Marking does not indicate the quality of a slate, but that it has been tested to BS EN 12326:2014, the bare minimum legal minimum. Find out more about the BS 12326 tests here.

In summary:

  • All SIGA slates are independently tested to BS EN12326:2014.
  • All SIGA slates carry the CE Mark
  • Every crate of SIGA slate is marked with EN test results
  • All SIGA slates are classified as W1 (≤ 0,6%) for water absorption
  • All SIGA slates are classified as T1 for minimal surface corrosion
  • All SIGA slates are classified as S1 for carbonate content