It’s well known that in comparison to other roofing materials, natural slate is a premium product that increases the value of the property it adorns. With a lifespan of around 80-100 years, natural slate adds timeless beauty to buildings around the world.

In addition to its beauty, strength and durability did you know it can save you, the contractor, time; which as we all know is precious in the roofing industry? From purchasing the material to post installation – here’s how:

1. Save Time Finding the Correct Natural Slate

Traceability - Natural Slate Saves Contractor Time

Firstly, when you are looking for a reliable supply of quality roof coverings, SIGA can provide test certificates and full traceability about where each natural slate was sourced and how best to work with the different ranges. This will allow you to make an informed decision on which covering you choose, thereby speeding up the ‘shopping around’ process and allowing you to start your project as soon as possible.

2. Save Time Sorting and Grading on Site

Slate Selection - Natural Slate Saves Contractor Time

The next step is buying the materials. When you invest in SIGA Natural Slate, you are investing in high quality slates selected by experts, meaning you’ll spend less time sorting and grading on site. Not only does this save you project time and reduce labour costs, you can complete your project knowing that the slates are consistent in quality and wastage rates will be low. SIGA slates come in three ranges, with the Excellence Range requiring the least sorting and grading.

3. Save Time on Spares, Additions and Alterations

Quarry - Natural Slate Saves Contractor Time

Once the project is complete, if the unexpected does occur, SIGA will still be there to help and save you time. Every SIGA slate can be tracked back every step of the production journey, from the quarry to the roof – and any spares required to complete the job can be sourced quickly too. If the quarry has stopped producing slate, SIGA can source similar slates to blend in with your existing slates.

4. Save Time on the Warranty Process

SIGA Slate 75 Year Warranty - Natural Slate Saves Contractor TimeIn addition, SIGA offers robust warranties of up to 75 years backed by SIG – a FTSE 250 organisation. With rapid and efficient logistics, you can be assured that any warranty or post-installation service required will be completed proficiently.

Peace of Mind

Thanks to SIGA’s procurement and quality control operation, situated in the heart of the quarry region in Spain, SIGA fully understand the quarries and the stone, and ensures longevity of supply into the UK – giving you reassurance that any time you use SIGA Natural Slate, you won’t need to shop around; SIGA is available in over 110 SIG Roofing branches, nationwide.

With SIGA, you can be safe in the knowledge that the slate you select is the genuine article, and we will be there every step of the way to make your project run smoothly and efficiently.